Typed.js is a JavaScript library.

It types out sentences.

Typed.js is a lightweight, SEO-friendly, and fun to use javascript library for animating text as typing on a website made by a developer named Matt Boldt.


Choose One


npm install typed.js

yarn add typed.js

bower install typed.js



Download Typed.js


This is all you need to get going. This can also be included with a regular script tag:

import Typed from 'typed.js';

var options = {

strings: ['First sentence.', '& a second sentence.'],

typeSpeed: 40


var typed = new Typed('.element', options);


Typed.js has a number of options available for simple and easy to use animation and function.

import Typed from 'typed.js';

stringsElement: '#typed-strings',

typeSpeed: 0,

backSpeed: 0,

backDelay: 500,

startDelay: 1000,

loop: yes

My Opinion:

This is super fun and an easy-to-use Javascript library that adds functionality and aesthetics in a lightweight and practical package for all web developers. With its CDN, active maintainer, and plenty of contributors on Github this is a module I am super excited to keep using.